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Right now, reading this, you might be experiencing

a sense of utter sadness, feel directionless, panicky, breathless, scared, be constantly on edge and not able to switch off and relax, feel worthless, mistrustful, unlovable or simply like you're "not enough" in some way. 

I’ve been there and it was completely exhausting.

I felt totally drained 99% of the time.

It was like I was being taught the same life lessons over and over, and there was a huge brick wall in front of me,

stopping me from being able to learn and finally move on.

I've healed from this.​  And I'd be honoured to help you heal too.

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Wiser Woman Offerings

I'm passionate about helping heal my sisters who are stuck with that longing to

feel more, be more, rest more, switch off more, feel safe more, receive more.

Choose how you'd like to be welcomed, with kindness, into my world.

Wiser Women's Circle


Monthly gathering of kind-hearted women, online

Reclaiming Joy

33 days to heal your feeling of not being enough

Soul-aligned Life

3 month deep healing journey to reconnect with your true Self

A new future awaits

My Story

Having spent over 30 years unconsciously seeking out destructive relationships and soul-destroying jobs, plus single-handedly bringing up my two children, in 2020 I turned 50, and, after a few years of desperate struggle, my 18 year old daughter tried to end her life.


I couldn’t cope any longer.


I had what Brené Brown, international speaker on vulnerability, calls “a mid-life shake up”. You might know it by it’s more familiar name a “mental breakdown”, or the less familiar one, a “spiritual awakening”.


Why? Because I wasn’t living my life’s purpose.

I faced a crossroads.   I changed direction.   I chose a different path.

Instead of turning, as usual, to counselling and off-loading to friends and family, I had a soothing back massage, Reiki, an Oracle Card reading and got myself an incredible Life Coach, who just so happened to be spiritual.  Oh, my spiritual self finally felt heard! The missing piece of the puzzle slotted in beautifully.

For the first time in my life I truly and deeply connected to my Mind, Body and Spirit, and it felt exquisite!

I took a deep breath, followed my heart, and made the huge leap to leave my really secure admin job and become a female entrepreneur.


I passionately created my unique style of Spiritual Psychotherapy; crafting it from my qualifications in Psychotherapy, trauma-informed HeartHealing™ and alternative remedies, together with my extensive life experience and powerful spiritual connection.

My clients have deep and profound shifts, in as little as one hour; often ones they've been trying to access and release for decades without success!

Finally they are flourishing, and living a soul-aligned life full of self confidence, self worth, self acceptance, self trust and self love.

And so can YOU!

All you need is an open mind, a willingness to change, and the determination to go for it. I’ll be there alongside you every step of the way.

Are you ready to go on your healing journey with me, taking a courageous deep breath, to become the soul-aligned and super confident woman you long to be?

What women, just like you,
say about working with me

Amber is an incredible healer and helped me to feel relaxed and at ease from the beginning. She was gentle and reassuring but also helped my confidence when addressing painful issues. She reminded me of my strength. Amber had so much time for me. Nothing ever felt rushed and she was there to answer my questions before and after my session. I am feeling so much lighter and my business has taken a step forward after our session. I know that it was my healing with Amber that has allowed this to happen.


When you're searching for help, sometimes all you can manage is that small first step towards self-love. 

I created these FREE gifts so you can begin your own healing journey.

My wish is that you find them gently supportive and nuturing.

New to Woo
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Your next life
chapter begins when you deeply heal and 
choose your Self

Feeling safe

Feeling supported

Feeling heard

Feeling validated

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What Can I Offer You?

Wiser Women's Circle
(monthly, online)


Your soul is yearning to find a safe place to explore your inner self. 


You're searching for a deeper connection with like-minded,

kind-hearted women.

Women have been gathering together in circle for millenia

to do exactly this.

My Wiser Women's Circle gathers monthly, working with different themes, including the moon's energies and the zodiac signs.

If you feel the calling, perhaps it's an aching in your bones that you can't explain with words yet,

you'll be welcomed with kindness, love and compassion.

Reclaiming Joy
(1:1 mini package)

Reclaiming Joy, 33 day to heal why you don't feel Enough

When you begin to heal it's tough knowing where to start. 


Reclaiming Joy is carefully crafted to

help you release that heart-led feeling of not being Enough;

something that affects us our entire lives until we decide to take that much desired action.

In just 33 days you'll solve the mystery of why you don't feel Enough in all areas of your life.

Soul-aligned Life
(1:1 full package)

Soul-Aligned Life, 9 week deep healing journey

Have you've tried lots of healing methods already but still feel deep pain, disempowered and can't make sense of why your life just isn't getting any better?

Come on a 3 month fully immersive healing journey to tackle all those

long-held wounds, once and for all.

My unique fusion of

Spiritual Psychotherapy 

and HeartHealing™ 

allows me to fully support you in releasing what's truly at the heart of stopping you from living the full, rich, soul-aligned life you yearn for, and truly deserve.

Want to ask me something? Here's how to contact me...

Glan Afon, Glyn Ceiriog, Llangollen LL20 7NF

07904 164844

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My Top
Self Help Books

It can be daunting starting out on your healing journey and a supportive book can be a huge source of inspiration and deep comfort. 


I'm a passionate advocate for reading.  I've read, learned and deeply benefitted from all of my top picks. 


My dearest wish is that these gems become your much-loved friends along your path to a new life full of heart-led joy.

Disclaimer: the Buy Book links take you straight to Amazon. I earn a small commission if you choose to order via these links but you don't pay any extra.  


How to make mindfulness your ally in everyday life, ways to accept who you are and how to lower anxiety and stress levels through a range of simple exercises. In today's chaotic world, it seems that everyone could benefit from joining the kindfulness movement.

Better Boundaries

Boundary issues contribute to a range of contemporary social problems felt by victims, abusers, overachievers, and underachievers alike. Knowing when boundaries are violated and what to do about it isn't a simple skill. It requires a surprising amount of adjustments.

The Alchemist

The mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far different—and far more satisfying—than he ever imagined. Santiago's journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, of recognizing opportunity and learning to read the omens strewn along life's path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams.

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